I AM always surprised by the power of The Press and when coupled with the power of Google it becomes invincible.

Three years ago, almost to the day, I had a letter printed in which I was seeking the help of other readers in discovering some prints which were missing from a portfolio of 11 prints and historical notes which were published as a set in 1906 by Edwin Ridsdale Tate and George Benson under the title of “Quaint & Historic York”.

Well, my phone started to ring and I heard from several people in York who had such prints, even a complete set, but they were either not available for me to acquire, or they were the wrong views of York which I already had.

Three years later I have been contacted from Sheffield by a book-seller who recently came by just such a set of views of York as it was in 1905/06. He had traced my interest in such things through Google which led straight to The Press archives in which my letter is still showing. He offered me the complete set of portfolio, prints and notes and I agreed to acquire them.

So I now have a complete set of “Quaint & Historic York” at last – but I also now have two part-sets which are surplus to my requirements. If any Press readers are interested to acquire them, they can contact me at PJStanhope@aol.com or 01904 760467.

Peter Stanhope, Cyprus Grove, Haxby, York.