LIZ EDGE is right to point out the anomaly of voting UKIP in the recent European elections (letter, 28 May).

One may well ask why one would. Still, I am surprised that a disenchanted politician should pose the question.

I voted UKIP as a protest. I protested because I think protesting is a democratic duty. I protested because William Hague regards my protest as insignificant.

I protested because politicians, in general, favour pals and institutions rather than the people they are elected to represent. I protested because the voting system provided me with a rare opportunity to make my protest count.

I protested because, although I am pro-Europe, the major parties docilely accept a Europe I do not want.

I acknowledge that MEPs, MPs and councillors are grossly overpaid. Perhaps Liz Edge will indicate which party I should vote for in furtherance of this view.

William Dixon Smith, Welland Rise, Acomb, York.