THE timing of your letters (The Press May 26) was impeccable. Tom Scaife writes about Godfrey Bloom, the ex UKIP MP regarding the fact that when he was elected he hated the EU Parliament and the Party he once represented still does.

Tom Scaife points out how much Godfrey Bloom and Nigel Farage earn to supposedly represent the interests of Britain in an organisation they don’t believe in.

Indeed, I have read in various papers allegations that Nigel Farage is being investigated for fraud regarding his EU pay/expense claims etc and also that he has one of the worst attendance and voting records in the EU Parliament.

Right underneath the letter from Mr Scaife you print a letter from Peter Rickaby, of Selby, commenting on the fact as to why rational people have no regard for socialist dogma.

May I remind Mr Rickaby that different people have differing views.

Mr Rickaby’s is not the only concept. May I suggest to Mr Rickaby that, if he does not wish to hear other people’s views, he goes and lives in a dictatorship which Britain, alongside many others, fought two world wars at the cost of millions of lives to combat. (As encapsulated in the letter from Paul Bowes of the same date).

The vast majority of the British people have seen through the BNP. Let’s hope that they will soon see through the aims (albeit undeclared) of UKIP.

H F Perry St James Place, Dringhouses, York.