IF Gavin Aitchison must recall the demise of the John Bull pub in Layerthorpe (Pints of View, May 24), the whole story should be told out of respect for Peter Turnbull, who is no longer with us.

Mr Turnbull did not take anything away from anyone.

Following slum clearance in the 1960s, the pub lost its customer base. It was virtually deserted except for staff from Laverack Builders. The brewery shut it down.

The empty building was on the market a long time, but no one was interested in reopening it as a pub. Peter bought the freehold to extend his garage business.

He agreed to temporarily lease the building for use as a pub again; but it was recognised that one day it would become part of an expanding motor dealership. The leases were for agreed periods only.

The leases expired and Mr Turnbull moved forward with his redevelopment plans. He acted properly at all times, but was subjected to a campaign and continues to be wrongly vilified.

Far from being the villain of the piece, Peter Turnbull allowed the John Bull to run those extra years and he should be thanked for it by those who enjoyed those times.

Remember – nothing lasts forever!

Matthew Laverack, Architect of this parish, Lord Mayor’s Walk, York.