IT SPEAKS volumes about the communication abilities of our MEPs that even after a European Parliament election, Press readers can still write about: “Un-elected European bureaucrats, who are controlling our country”, as if there were a grain of truth in the statement.

Interestingly they never quote examples of this “control”. Rather they speak of unrestricted immigration, which is an absence of control.

Immigration, that is in this context: the right of workers in EU member states to seek work in each others countries was a fundamental policy decision made by the founding prime ministers, and endorsed by all the successive prime ministers of all the member states - including our own.

It was made in their knowledge that money can flow freely anywhere across boundaries, with politicians having no power to stop profits being spirited away into tax havens, rather than being available for the benefit of the countries where they were generated.

This contrasted with the tight bureaucratic controls that existed over every one who wanted to cross boundaries to seek work. This was plainly unfair.

Let us hope that the new MEPs for Yorkshire and Humberside will take advantage of your columns to give us the full facts about the issues being debated in the European Parliament.

Maurice Vassie, Deighton.