I DID not vote for UKIP but the broker from the City, Nigel Farage, is to be congratulated for reading clearly the frustration of the people.

Students remembered the promise of the Liberal Democrats of free university education and many of their natural supporters could not forgive them for keeping the Tories in power.

Cameron was not 100 per cent popular with his own supporters and was not Conservative enough; his idea that to promise an in/out referendum would alone win him the next election showed he was not believed.

As for Labour, the absence of a referendum in their policy ignored the desire of a majority of voters to have their say.

At long last we have witnessed a revolution in the UK, bloodless, fortunately, but overdue and needed to shake up the establishment to the core.

UKIP gave voice to the upsurge of pressure for change just under the surface for a long time.

The next election is now open and unpredictable. UKIP has to be reckoned with.

Far more worrying are the changes in the rest of the EU; there we have no indication what the future holds.

Dennis Barton, Woodthorpe, York.