I WOULD like to thank the 11,294 people that voted for UKIP in the EU elections in York and turned not only this great city purple but also Yorkshire and Humberside.

I also extend a huge thank-you to the York team who worked tirelessly.

It was a shame that neither of our MPs were present, nor our council leader – but so be it!

However, the people have spoken and shown that enough is enough; they have had enough of not being heard, of their needs being ignored once the political elite gain power, and they want change.

UKIP is with you, because we are you. We are disillusioned ex-Conservatives, Labourites and LibDems and we too have had enough and only due to this ignorance on behalf of the LibLabCon Parties have we come into being.

We stand beside you, not in front or above looking down, and we will work tirelessly to ensure we get MPs who will truly represent what you want from your Government.

Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us with any concerns you have or if you have a problem that you are not getting help with.

To conclude – thank you, the people’s army marches on.

Judith Morris, Chair, UKIP York Vice Chair, Yorkshire and Humberside, Moorland Road, York.