I LOVE Europe but I don’t love un-elected European bureaucrats who are controlling this country through devious undemocratic routes.

The surge of Ukip is the biggest of all wake-up calls to our politicians. Despite them demonising the party and followers and accusing them of being racist, it has not dented their core message or support. It tells the political elite that the people of this country have had enough of the irresponsible open-door policy of immigration that was allowed by the Labour government and the EU. If any of them have any sense (unlikely now) they might start listening to real concerns and not be patronising. The simple truth is that we are a very small island… and we are full!

The Ukip vote has caused an earthquake and will create an extremely interesting period of politics. Mass panic will now set in with the political parties – big time. There is only a year left . Conservative David Cameron, as a man of privilege, was not the right man through a hard recession – they should have chosen David Davies who has had to graft through life like most of us.

Labour’s Ed Miliband cannot match his charismatic brother David; and Lib-Dem Nick Clegg will not survive the university fee U-turn.

The fun starts now…..

Keith Massey, Mill Lane York.