IT is obvious to me that whoever planned or authorised York Racecourse, ridding themselves of the best pre-parade ring in Europe, has made a mistake.

Whoever planned the new pre-parade doesn't appear to have a clue about the mentality of a racing-fit, highly-charged thoroughbred racehorse.

Horses in the new pre-parade ring are getting geed up at the sight of runners getting mounted in the main ring, then cantering off down to the start; also horses in distant races galloping past them.

Take it from me before its too late, a serious error has taken place. A terrible recipe for disaster is on the cards. I can't bear to think of loose horses, horses galloping excitedly among a large crowd of racegoers in the paddock area.

Stop, think, act now, before it is too late.

Ken Holmes (ex racing lad), Cliffe Common, Selby.