I MOVED to Huby near Easingwold in 2008 and have used the Reliance bus service between York, Easingwold and Thirsk quite often.

I have always found their drivers very courteous, friendly and knowledgeable – only too happy to help, providing a punctual and reliable service.

If I am the only passenger disembarking and there is nobody waiting at the bus stop, they even drop me at my own house. What better service could I ask for? For me they have been excellent and I could not recommend them highly enough.

David Newby, Huby.


• PAUL Kirby of Wetherby wrote (The Press, May 21) about the allegedly poor service provided by Reliance Motor Services.

As a regular Reliance user, may I be permitted to provide another view? I have never witnessed an incident such as this on a Reliance service in at least the previous five years. The service provided has always been totally passenger-orientated.

I also note that Mr Kirby was a “paying” passenger. Wetherby is west of York whereas Reliance operate in a slim band north of York (Skelton, Crayke, Easingwold, Thirsk). I therefore cannot understand why a person from Wetherby would need to use these services – a car direct to where Reliance operates would be more convenient.

Neil Raw, Oriel Grove, York.