WHEN I got in from work on Thursday I was accosted by my teenage daughter who asked whether I had voted. I replied that I had not yet as I had received no information about any of the parties’ policies or the candidates.

She then told me of her internet research and of what she had gleaned. When I went to vote, I invited her with me, as she will be voting next year and I thought the experience would be valuable. We did have a chuckle at some of the candidates, who I’m guessing will lose their deposits; but job done, we received a rude comment from the woman at the desk: “At least you found it entertaining”.

Had they realised the thought and research that went into my vote, I doubt they would have imagined that it is something anybody would take lightly. We also noted that; other than myself, everybody else voting was a student/of student age.

Young people are serious about political issues; it affects their futures. Maybe the Government should take note.

Karen Feetham Sanderson, York.