HAS Paul Kirby not been in a position where he has had to find out how to do things on the job (Letters, May 21)? Lucky him if this is the case.

The Reliance bus driver issued the ticket he wanted but obviously not quick enough or with the grovelling apology Mr Kirby needed to make him feel good for the day.

Some people just like to moan and I cannot believe that The Press has printed a letter in this vein about a local independent bus operator.

It is unfortunate that Mr Kirby had a bad experience but many local travellers use the Reliance Bus regularly and rely on it for the good service it gives.

Reliance Buses is a small, family-run business and the reason it has been in operation for 80 years is because it is a reliable bus service. I have almost always found the drivers of the Reliance buses friendly, courteous and helpful.

I would choose the Reliance No 40 over First No 1 any day and wish it ran later in the evening so I could use it then too.

Jean Gaines, Wigginton, York.