WHAT wonderful tributes from pupils past and present are being made to honour Ann Maguire, the Leeds teacher so tragically killed in her school. The warmth and affection that she was held in by so many is truly inspirational.

This may be a good time for us to consider the enormous influence and holistic contribution that our best teachers make in our lives. We never forget a good teacher like Ann Maguire, who dedicated her life to all those that have walked into her classroom.

Day by day, and year by year, she carried out her job in a consummate professional manner and delivered the goods. Mrs Maguire is just one of nearly half a million teachers in England who, every day, walk into full classrooms and have to deal with children – many in very difficult inner city areas and who have serious family problems – and try and turn their lives round and give them a chance.

I am sure that there are many, many such Mrs Maguires out there who are doing an amazing job for our society, and this might be a good time for reflection by Michael Gove as secretary of state for education – and other politicians, to get off teachers’ backs, with all the stupid targets and paperwork, and let them get on with their important role and put their trust in them.

Keith Massey, Mill Lane, York.