PEOPLE are too quick to share their worst experiences with the world, so I would like to praise a York charity which has gone that step further to help people.

Being told you have cancer has a devastating effect on many people, but add to that the news that you have to go to St James Hospital in Leeds every weekday for six weeks was truly devastating. Fortunately, I was given a leaflet about York Against Cancer who run a minibus for just this purpose.

Everyone from the woman in the office to the bus drivers have been wonderful; they have taken all the stress away by helping arrange appointments to ensure that the passengers have appointments at similar times.

This means we have as short a waiting time as possible in the hospital. My fellow passengers have nothing but praise for the service and I only wish everyone who has to go to Leeds were told about the service.

Sadly many people are not and must suffer greatly by having to rely on friends, family and public transport. Please say a big thank you to the staff, they are wonderful.

Jean Clark, Barleyfields, Shipton Road, York.