ARE we pushing Russia into a retaliation?

What if the propaganda from the Ukraine is wrong and the US is believing the worst because of its long hatred of everything Russian and Communist? Will fear start something none of us wants?

It is too easy to say Russia is causing the unrest in Ukraine without any substantial proof. Ukrainian troops have been massing near the border with Russia for months, so the new agreement made in Geneva has already been broken by Ukraine.

Not long ago the Ukrainian people ousted their leader after much bloodshed; Ukrainians, not Ukrainian Russian speakers, and the same government is still in power.

If the Russian speakers in East Ukraine feel their concerns are being ignored in Kiev, they must be allowed to express the feelings of the majority who give support to the uprising; their demand for more autonomy is not outrageous.

The Russian speakers in Slavyansk do not wish to join Russia (like they did in Crimea). Their only wish is to be given more autonomy.

Let’s stand back a bit and put pressure on a discredited government in Kiev.

Dennis Barton, Woodthorpe, York.