IT’S OFFICIAL – UKIP’s racist agenda has been declared, confirming its position as the new BNP.

The UKIP EU-out campaign aims at capping migration on the misguided notion that UK jobs will be protected.

It fails to acknowledge the huge benefits and employment for the UK economy that the EU single market has brought through inward investment and free trade opportunities that would be at risk on leaving the EU.

The recent announcement by German firm Siemens to set up a manufacturing unit for wind turbine production in Hull is a case in point.

What a hypocrite Nigel Farage is in allegedly employs his German PA/ wife reportedly from his MEP expense account because, as he stated to BBC’s Nick Robinson, there is no one sufficiently competent in the UK to take on such a demanding role – complete bunkum.

People who are concerned about the prospects for a marginal, inwardly focused little England that has lost its way in the world being cast adrift on a UKIP raft should consider electing MEPs who can make positive contributions for change from within, and reject the likes of the self-opinionated Farage and co, whose views reside in a past century.

Martin Nichols, Skipwith, York.