I QUESTION prime minister Cameron’s assertion that we are a Christian country.

This sounds as if we have achieved something worthwhile and have been in this position for some time. While it is undeniable that we have a rich Christian heritage, this has a dark side as well as being an obvious source of inspiration since the time of Christ.

Wonderful things have happened in Christian history, but also many things which are shameful. Does Cameron wish to acknowledge these?

When a ‘Christian’ king was crowned at the beginning of the 12th century, his anti-semitic comments caused anti-Jewish riots and in York the slaughter of the Jewish community.

Catholics in York were executed on the Knavesmire and during Mary’s reign it was the turn of non-Catholics to suffer.

Slavery was supported by many eminent churchmen and condemned by others as ‘unChristian.’ It seems to me that being a Christian country’ is an aspiration, which has never been realised and probably never will be.

Colin Golightly, Dringhouses, York.