WHAT a mess this country has become since 2010. The Con/Lib coalition is not only conning the Liberals, but they think they are conning us all.

The Press (April 16) reports that “poverty leads to 163 per cent more food bank users.”

Your article points out that there are now 913,000 people receiving emergency food assistance from food banks.

If I may add, this compares to 350,000 only 12 months ago.

The PM is allowing Nick Clegg to be Deputy Prime Minister to get his moment of glory and fame and Clegg is wasting his opportunity to curb the drastic measures the Tories are imposing in this country.

The coalition is decimating the safety net of the welfare state and social system with its instant sanctions of Job Seekers Allowance and then making people wait for month(s) before their appeal against the decision, taken by bureaucrats, can be heard and possibly reversed, thus making it impossible for people to feed themselves.

How long will it be before we have the old Victorian workshops in our society and children going up chimneys?

Cameron did not win the 2010 election, nor did Clegg.

Let’s be rid of them in 2015.

Howard Perry, St James Place, Dringhouses, York.