DAVID CAMERON must have been sighing as news broke that one of the three women in his Cabinet was in trouble over her expenses.

Turns out he needn’t have worried. MPs did the dirty work for him, brushing aside the official Standards Commissioner’s claim that Maria Miller should repay £45,000 and instead said that all she had to do was apologise and pay back £5,800. Small wonder it left many with the wearisome feeling that yet again a politician had been ‘let off ‘.

Cameron has proved yet again that despite his background in PR, he is still woefully out of touch with the sentiments of voters.

As the Tory pollster Michael Ashcroft has suggested, Dave doesn’t have a ‘woman problem’; he has an ‘everyone problem’.

Perhaps Miller was the minister who advised Dave to show his female-friendly credentials the other week by saying he loves to shop at Waitrose.

No one believes he does the weekly shop, nor do we expect him to. Surely he has more pressing matters at hand.

Colin Henson, Ullswater, York.