DEATH, destruction, starvation. Total civil war is being engaged in Syria.

Women and children are being killed. Mothers are boiling grass and weeds to feed their children. They do not even have basic food such as bread; no medical supplies are getting through.

No help for women giving birth; nowhere to live, nothing. The last supplies of food supplied by the likes of the Red Cross are running out.

I have heard many stories over the years from various brave reporters in Iraq, Afaganistan etc but none as heart-wrenching as the reports on BBC Radio 4 last Thursday morning.

NATO appears to be doing nothing, they appear to have lost interest or do they once again feel they cannot take on President Putin. I blame him for the present situation.

The national newspapers, radio and television should be keeping the pressure on all governments to take action and picking up on reports as per Radio 4 .

I have not been one for the west interfering in other countries problems but it is totally inhuman to let this situation carry on. Help must be given to these helpless starving people.

What can you and I do? Well, we are all pretty good at writing into The Press on unimportant issues like bridge closures. Why not write to your MPs and ask them to bring pressure on the government to get help to these people?

Ray Theakston Haxby York