SO Coun James Alexander has played musical chairs with members of his cabinet in an attempt to hoodwink York’s electorate next May and I quote (The Press, April 17) “we will focus on York’s local elections standing on our record to stop a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition taking control of the council”.

What a record indeed to stand on!

A record which is widely known not only here in York but nationwide, a record that has done immeasurable harm to York’s reputation both nationally and internationally.

In all the years I have been involved in the political life of York, I have never seen such arrogance and incompetence as has been evident since 2011 when Labour took control of the city.

The record of this Labour administration is indeed all they can stand on, one which no doubt will lead to Labour being booted out of office and consigned to the dustbin of “Horrible History” for this is what Labour have achieved this past three years.

John Galvin Conservative Member for Bishopthorpe Ward, Bridge Road, Bishopthorpe, York.