WITH all the overblown rhetoric about Lendal Bridge from Conservative and Lib Dem councillors, it’s easy to forget that the principles behind the trial are still sound.

The truth of the matter is that congestion has become a major issue in York, particularly around the Lendal Bridge area, and the level of pollution is deeply concerning.

We need to have a serious debate about how we make York a pleasant place to visit, and not a city that is just clogged up with traffic.

We should remember that the former leader of the Conservative group, Cllr Ian Gillies, supported moves to combat congestion before the last local elections, but unfortunately the positions of the Conservative group now seem to be determined by political expediency, and not what is in the best interests of York.

I much hope that the cross-party commission proposed by Cllr James Alexander succeeds in creating a long-term vision as to how we solve the congestion problem in York.

The council made a brave attempt to deal with these issues with the temporary restrictions on Lendal Bridge, and it is very important that all that effort is not wasted.

Nick Button, Eighth Avenue, Heworth, York