SO COMMON sense has finally prevailed in the Lendal Bridge saga; now for the recriminations, calls for resignations, etc.

I think that none of the main players should resign; the ballot box will surely see them off instead.

In defence of councillors Dave Merrett and James Alexander, surely the real culprits are the council officers. The scheme may have been dreamt up by councillors, but the implementation was down to these well-paid experts.

As a district and county councillor for ten years, I know that a huge amount of trust is placed in these people to give good advice on all sorts of subjects. It appears from what has occurred that such advice was sadly lacking.

In the case of council officers the buck lands firmly on the chief executive’s desk. We now learn of another move by these people over Heworth Stray.

Incidentally, negotiations regarding Union Terrace car park were instigated by council officers, as was almost admitted in The Press by the chief executive last year.

Peter Coates, Greenshaw Drive, Haxby, York.