BE AWARE that the new free three-hour car parking, coming into effect in May, does not apply to all council-owned car parks.

I looked in vain in The Press of April 15 for Castle Car Park, but it isn’t there. Castle Mills is, but this is a completely different area, being in Piccadilly.

So it seems the main city-centre car park is not to be a freebie. I didn’t notice Bootham Row either. Another confusing message to the motorists.

Can you imagine the fiasco? Does it or doesn’t it? It would have been a better move to make it 9am until midday too. Not many shops open at 8am.

As I searched for clarification, I rang the council offices, the polite woman there told me she didn’t know either. Not to be deterred I rang Cllr Dave Merrett’s number, and left a message, as of course there was no one there to answer.

Elizabeth M Harris, Kirkwell, Bishopthorpe, York.