I AM disappointed that the Lendal Bridge closure has now been reversed.

It was a joy to walk and cycle around that area in the restricted hours and it felt much safer and healthier.

I hope now the council will compensate pedestrians by looking closely at the pedestrain crossing from Exhibition Square to Bootham Bar.

This has for some time been set more for the benefit of those in polluting vehicles, mostly stationary, at the expense of those of us who just want to cross. The elderly with shopping, mothers with young children or large groups of tourists all have to wait in all weathers for about three minutes before they can get to the other side, part of this period spent trapped in the inadequate space in the centre.

In this time an egg can be soft boiled. Or if we were in the Cold War era and the four-minute warning was given of a Soviet attack, most of the rest of your life would have been spent waiting to cross a road.

J Langton, Osbaldwick, York.