IN THE Press of April 8, Cllr James Alexander informs us that he is going to reinvest income raised from fines during the Lendal Bridge fiasco to fill in potholes.

A contractor employed by the council recently “repaired” two potholes at the junction of West Nooks and Thornhills.

To say that the work carried out was substandard is an understatement. The job, which took about ten minutes to complete, consisted of brushing loose debris from the hole, filling it with a shovelful of tarmac and patting it almost flat with the shovel.

Needless to say less than two months later the tarmac has already disintegrated and the holes are worse than before.

When he says he is “going to use the money to fill in the potholes” that is exactly what he might as well do, five pound notes might last longer than the tarmac used by the contractors.

Furthermore, should not the repair work be “signed off” by a council engineer before the contractors are paid?

Peter Roberts, Thornhills, Haxby, York.