FURTHER to the bungled Lendal Bridge closure and its hasty re-opening, where does York go to get its reputation back?

Our city is not just the laughing-stock, but more seriously a real no-go area among so many people who live in Ryedale and beyond who have told me that Lendal Bridge was the last straw – that the effort to struggle into York to shop just wasn’t worth the effort any more.

Let’s not even mention the thousands of tourists who’ve heard horror stories about the closure – widely circulated online – who might just not bother with a day or two here this year Much of this damage to York’s image as a fun-to-visit friendly city could have been avoided or minimised had Labour planned better and listened harder to those critics who told truths they didn’t want to hear.

Anyone who cares about our city can only how this was allowed to happen.

Frank Veazey, Courtneys, Wheldrake, York.