CONTRARY to what his supporters say, UKIP leader Nigel Farage is no man of the people and certainly no friend of the working class.

Farage is a City man, a former hedge-fund manager who rubbed shoulders with the kind of people the City attracts, people who wrecked the economy. He advocates withdrawal from the EU, putting British workers at risk of losing jobs dependant on membership.

His proposals on taxation and National Insurance, a flat rate for the former and abolition of the latter, would hit the poor and infirm because the shortfall would have to be made up by huge cuts in public services, with also more jobs lost.

Farage is a charlatan, another bar room bore with an anti-foreigner rant, who happens to lead a party without representation at Westminster.

If the electorate have any sense, it will stay that way.

Dave Barker, Fern Close, Huntington, York.