MY DENTIST, solicitor, hair dresser, optician, bank, and building society are all situated within the walls of the city of York.

As a citizen, I would also very much like to be able to support the local economy by shopping within the walls, but the cost of parking is prohibitive.

For many outlying York residents, it takes nearly as long to get to the Park&Ride as it does to drive into York and park. Does the council expect residents living inside the Park&Ride circle to drive away from York to use the system?

If this is their rationale, then it does not take much for those same residents to consider driving that ‘extra mile’ to the next town or free parking shopping centre.

So here are my solutions: Allot two or three small car parks for York residents only and allow 90 minutes parking with a nominal charge.

All retail shops and local businesses to benefit from the many more York residents prepared to shop and conduct business within the city.

After all the City of York’s recent traffic problems, this would not only be giving both the city shops and business a return on their high business rates, it would also give the elected council a much needed boost in popularity.

John D. Casperson, Church Lane, Nether Poppleton, York.