YOU reported on April 10 that York Outer MP Julian Sturdy is all for refunding drivers who have been fined for illegally crossing Lendal Bridge during restricted hours.

As one of his Parliamentary constituents, he is not speaking on my behalf. His actions may cost City of York Council dearly. As well as reimbursing the fine, there may well be legal costs and compensation.

I contend that the majority of drivers knowingly flouted the law, as they would have done had they drove through the centre of Durham, London and probably elsewhere, without authority.

This council has been the first to seriously address the issue of congestion and air pollution on our behalf since the closure of Deangate and it should be given time to conclude its appeal, with our support and without Westminster MPs trying to make political capital.

I’d be interested to know which authority Julian Sturdy pays his council tax to. I’m doubtful if it is York council, otherwise he wouldn’t be so free with his advice.

Geoffrey Bellis, Whin Garth, York.