I WAS opposed to the closure of Lendal Bridge as I do not work in York and regularly needed to cross the bridge to get to the station during the hours of the restrictions.

The restrictions might have worked for folk who have time to use Park & Ride, work in York city centre or folk who have the luxury of working within cycling or walking distance. But for me and, I would suggest, for a great deal of other people, the closure caused a great inconvenience.

This all seems a typical waste of taxpayers’ money by City of York Council in the transport department.

Another waste of money is the painting of cycle lanes around Clifton Moor industrial estate, plus the creation of a cycle lane around York ring road (A1237) between Haxby and Clifton Moor.

I have yet to see one cyclist on the cycle lane around the ring road or on Clifton Moor trading estate.

Paul Anderson, Earswick Chase, Earswick, York.