IT IS no secret that I expressed support for the Lendal Bridge trial. However, competent governance must evaluate measures taken and adjust policy accordingly.

I remain convinced that a near traffic-free zone is required at Exhibition Square in order to realise the vision for a safe public open space.

But stubborn pursuance of this against strong public opinion, near gridlock elsewhere and through persecution of visiting motorists was vindictive. It is now clear that for a successful closure of Lendal Bridge, there must be more infrastructure in place, such as the completed A59 Park & Ride, further improvements to the left filter lane at Clifton’s Water End and better bus services.

So what now? While I was impressed with James Alexander’s achievement on seizing control of the council, I shared the concern about his lack of ‘real-world’ experience. So it has been no surprise that on major issues he has failed to provide true leadership.

For the sake of York, we need a listening council leader now.

Cllr Joe Watt, Member for Skelton, Rawcliffe & Clifton Without, Skelton, York.