KEITH MASSEY (Letters, April 8) is concerned about air quality in hotels and public buildings.

I wonder if he is aware that our poor air quality is leading to planning conditions on developments fronting York’s main roads specifying sealed windows (with mechanical ventilation from the rear of the building)?

Recent widespread air pollution in southern England was caused by wind unusually bringing polluted air from Europe – a natural occurrence that happens whether or not we are in the EU.

To address this serious health issue, EU governments are required by the air-quality directive to develop an action plan to cut pollution, largely caused by vehicle fumes.

The government faces major fines for lack of effective action to protect our citizens – with the demise of the Lendal Bridge trial, other bold measures will be required. Last week, Paris banned 50 per cent of vehicles on alternate days – perhaps extreme but effective.

What solutions would those who opposed the botched bridge closure scheme prefer to tackle this serious health issue linked to congestion in York?

Coun Andy D’Agorne, Green Party, Broadway West, York.