THE gleeful response to the re-opening of Lendal Bridge by some opposition councillors appears to reflect the concerns I expressed last week (Letters, April 1).

Sadly the polarisation of the debate (aided by overt politicking from the same councillors and a poor implementation of the trial) has meant that the evidence presented by the Institute of Transport Studies in Leeds will not play a primary role in determining the best outcome for York.

The policy imperative must still to be to tackle city-centre congestion in York if there is to be a coherent growth strategy.

In much the same way as inaction against climate change endangers the planet, inertia is not an option in York.

The worry is this will set back tackling congestion in York for years.

I hope opposition councillors prove me wrong by joining the proposed independently chaired cross-party commission and that the independent report may yet prove useful in pointing towards solutions.

Richard Bridge, Holgate Road, York.