HERE is the transcript of a phone conversation which should stand as a warning to others about a potential scam.

“Hello – Is that Mrs Hudson?”


“I’m from [noise from busy office]. We are ringing to inform you of a serious breach of security to your computer. Your computer has been targeted regarding your banking facilities and we need to help you sort this matter out as soon as possible.”

“Oh dear!” (Alarmed voice as the word “Scam” springs to mind).

“I can help you – yes, this needs to be urgently sorted for you. Mrs Hudson, you will have to switch on your computer – right now! Yes right now – are you doing this? It is most important that we do this.”

“Oh, dear. I am sorry. Oh, I don’t think I am able...”

“You need to do this for me now, it is most important – do you have a problem?”

“Yes, I do have a problem – my telephone is downstairs but my computer is upstairs.”

Silence – call ends!

Carol Hudson, Park Avenue, New Earswick, York.