IT IS very disappointing that York Conservatives continue to be against new home building in York.

Recently The Press reported on 102 homes being approved for Strensall despite opposition from a local Conservative councillor and the Conservative MP for York Outer. The councillor called the decision for new homes “premature” and said he was “livid” (The Press, February 20).

York needs new homes to cater for current residents and their children in overcrowded conditions. The Press has already reported about York’s housing crisis over many years. We also need new homes to ensure York residents can afford these homes through an increase in supply.

It is fascinating that a party that was led by Anthony Eden who built thousands of council homes and later Margaret Thatcher, who wanted to create a property-owning democracy, are now so “livid” at the prospect of new homes being built.

If you want to work hard and be able to afford a home to rent or buy, only Labour is on your side.

Coun James Alexander, Labour Leader of City of York Council.