IT IS a shame that former Conservative council candidate Terry Smith does not understand the policies of the party he supports (Letters, April 7).

The council-tax freeze grant, which is time limited, is a cut and would mean an extra £4.6m of cuts to services as the amount received is outstripped by inflation and the growing costs of adult social care.

The council has an apprenticeship scheme. More than 84 apprentices have been taken on and now all level-entry jobs are open to apprentices On the subject of green bins, unlike Tory Ryedale and Selby, the City of York does not charge for the service, only if residents wish to have a second bin. One Coalition Government Minister has said councils should charge for household waste (grey bin) collection – does he agree with that?

Finally, on roads and footpaths, this council recently agreed almost £2 million of new money for 2014-15 to be spent on unclassified routes, those routes being ordinary residential streets that benefit York residents who consistently rate this as a top priority.

Coun Tracey Simpson-Laing, Deputy leader, City of York Council.