THERE has been concern regarding the high levels of air pollution in the UK but actually this phenomenon has always been around.

Fifty years ago when I was a glider pilot, I was well aware of it. Anti-cyclonic high pressure weather systems trap all the dirt – by the inversion level (normally about 3,000 feet).

The present pollution has obviously been exacerbated by the Sahara sand but will dissipate quickly when the high pressure moves.

I am far more concerned about air quality – or lack of it – all the year round in public buildings and hotels.

I feel very sorry for all those slaving away in rooms that have no opening windows letting in “ fresh” air but are completely air conditioned and far from fresh. “ Air polluted” would be a much better title.

How much illness and disease is passed round UK staff from germs and bacteria recirculated and pumped through the vents all day/week/year long? How much does this cost British industry?

I would like to see public lists in the workplace stating hourly: “ This room has been scientifically checked for air quality to breathe and meets all human requirements for a healthy life.”

Keith Massey, Mill Lane, York.