I AM struggling to understand the knee-jerk reaction and calls for barriers to be installed along the Ouse and Foss in relation to recent tragic events.

Why erect barriers and spoil the water’s edge? Why spoil the pleasure people have at being close to the rivers?

Are there going to be calls to erect barriers along every road in York so people won’t get run over?

Those two rivers have run through the city since the year dot; like roads, they are safe if they are respected.

Recent tragedies have taken place during the early hours, possibly, and not wishing to attach blame, with alcohol playing a part.

Only two weeks ago, I asked two young girls and two lads to come away from the water’s edge near King’s Staith. They were sitting the wrong side of the fencing with their feet dangling over the edge.

This was at 4am and all four had been drinking and were oblivious to the danger they could have got into if they had fallen.

We are a vibrant city, we have a strong night life, we also have many venues offering crazy deals for large amounts of alcohol for next to nothing.

Education is a great tool, but start at the source.

Paul Willey, Burnholme Drive, Heworth, York.