YET another advocate for closing Lendal Bridge (Mr Hall, March 26) says: “Objectors moan and expect their rights to take priority over others” and “We should all share the environment and roads”.

Presumably he means he shares our suburban roads when he wishes to leave his Ivory Tower Place making our long, polluting traffic jams even worse – but we can’t use his city-centre roads to make our journeys shorter and to enjoy his cleaner air . We have to take a long walk.

Some fair share!

Thousands of residents in this area will not even share their roads with the ‘Tour De France’ bike ride as our roads are to be closed for the day. Our share being to pay towards the £2 million plus cost.

Some fair share!

If the closure of the bridge meant all areas had less traffic and less pollution instead of, as in Clifton, more of both we would have no reason to complain.

Could Mr Hall honestly say he would not complain if the position was reversed. So, to clear the air, I would just say: “Yes please – let’s all have fair shares.”

Mrs M Barker, Ousecliffe Gardens, York.