IT IS astounding and sadly predictable that the Lendal Bridge experiment has seemingly ended in the most catastrophic of circumstances.

This Labour administration’s self-serving political agenda has resulted in a perfect storm of poor research, allied with disastrous implementation and the ineptitude of ruling councillors.

There is even a documented expression that could best describe the Labour Cabinet, called the “Dunning Kruger effect” – where people suffer from the illusion that their abilities are far higher than is actually the case.

The financial implications of Lendal Bridge will be far reaching and may well saddle York with huge debts.

We have the cost of the scheme in the first place; the massive administrative cost of refunding over 54,000 fines and now the undoubtedly huge costs of legal consultancy fees to examine the judgement of the Government adjudicator.

We should now watch with interest to see if Coun James Alexander now seeks to shift all the blame away from his party on to council officials or for once takes responsibility for yet another disastrous politically motivated decision.

Nick Love, Deangate, York.