THE decision relating to an appeal against a penalty charge notice issued for using Coppergate is a revelation.

In his report, which also covers the Lendal Bridge closure, the adjudicator criticises the adequacy of the signs, the positioning of the cameras and the council’s appeal procedure.

Finally, the adjudicator lands a killer punch where he concludes that as neither Coppergate nor Lendal Bridge are bus lanes, there is no power to issue penalty charge notices using roadside cameras.

Naturally, the councillors concerned, usually quite keen to provide a quote, are unavailable and we are advised that the council will be seeking independent legal advice. Too little, too late.

If this happened in industry a P45 would be issued by the weekend. In similar circumstances many public sector leaders would resign.

No matter what your beliefs, either political or regarding traffic congestion, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the council should, at the very least, announce immediately that the cameras will not be used until the whole sorry mess is sorted out.

There should be a full investigation into the costs of this farce and individuals held to account.

Robert J MacMahon, Hull Road, York.


• THE reaction of City of York Council to the findings of the traffic adjudicator shows just what sort of a regime is in power in this city.

Not one ounce of contrition or regret. Not one hint of a recognition of error and certainly no apology. Just an angry denunciation of the report, a commitment to spend more taxpayers’ money to pursue a legal challenge; and a belligerent insistence that fines will continue to be imposed irrespective of what any independent arbiter might say.

Not forgetting that the closure was supposed to be a trial period ending a month ago.

Citizens are being treated with contempt. It is clear the controlling Labour group has already decided Lendal Bridge will stay closed come what may.

It will only open in May next year – when in that month the ballot boxes are dusted off.

Matthew Laverack, Lord Mayor’s Walk, York.


• THE Lendal Bridge traffic ban was ill conceived, badly planned and poorly executed. It has created significant traffic congestion in many parts of the city (and, on several occasions, I have seen an ambulance, with blue flashing lights, stuck in a jam which, hitherto, did not exist), damaged tourism and has been injurious to many local businesses.

Following the Aadjudicator’s findings (The Press, April 2), it has been astonishing to hear a senior director of the council say that fines would continue rather than that they would be suspended pending the outcome of the receipt of legal advice and/or an appeal.

Any reasonable person would conclude that if the council cannot empathise with the rule of law, then that approach undermines any legitimacy the scheme ever had; such legitimacy has become a Norwegian Blue parrot – it has ceased to be.

Richard Watson, York Road, Haxby, York.