WITH reference to The Press comment of March 28, unless you have lived near a school plagued by bad parking problems, I don’t think you can fairly comment about a situation that has become intolerable for many residents.

Of course, phrases such as spy cameras and Big Brother is watching are guaranteed to get the hackles rising, but the parking habits of some parents are truly unbelievable, sometimes dangerous and definitely antisocial.

Bad school parking has gone unchallenged for far too long and has led to a culture where some parents think it is their right to ignore road safety markings or park on or across residents’ driveways.

So as a victim of bad parking and the associated stress, I think it comes down to “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, why should you worry about camera cars?”

I believe CYC decided to opt for camera cars because they cannot afford traffic patrols to operate regularly outside every school. The parents’ parking promise launched last month does include some of the suggestions mentioned in your comment. However, I don’t believe the softly-softly approach will work.

All anyone is asking is for parents to observe road markings which are there to ensure the safety of children, and to be mindful and respectful of residents by keeping driveways clear. This may mean walking a little further but is that really such a big ask?

L Phillips, York.