AT full council, the Labour group excelled in time-stalling and, with ‘utilisation’ of procedural rules, avoided the motion debate over the now infamous Lendal Bridge charade. They are champion democracy dodgers.

Their ‘trial’ was an unmitigated disaster from the beginning, the lack of meaningful consultation and preparation which resulted in woefully inadequate signage and utter confusion meant that any possible good intentions have long been in tatters.

What would seem to have been disgraceful attempts at cover ups, as exposed in The Press recently, should mean anyone involved with a shred of conscience will feel thoroughly embarrassed and ashamed. Labour’s failure to give credible, logical criteria for objective judgement mean residents will not trust any forthcoming data from this administration.

Most York citizens now know the financial penalties, and many experience the daily inconvenience of lengthy detours and delays.

Visit York and Welcome to Yorkshire must despair that the vital work they do to promote the city is unravelled as visitors repeatedly vow never to return after receiving the very unwelcome council ‘souvenirs’ on their doormats.

York Conservatives have long called for this damaging fiasco to be brought to an end and the bridge must now be reopened without delay.

Coun Paul Doughty, Conservative, Strensall ward.