MATTHEW LAVERACK (Letters, March 20) complains that having a railway college in York is hare-brained, on the assumption that the council can’t bring a railway business to York, or create one.

He seems to have missed a crucial point: this is all about York bidding to host HS2’s dedicated college.

So it would seem the business does exist. Or does it? HS2 is not yet a done deal, and is now set to become an election issue.

If it collapses, the college won’t happen, and City of York Council won’t be left with an empty college or egg on their faces. So, even though HS2 itself is a hare-brained pet scheme, the bid deserves support.

There isn’t space here to rehearse all the arguments about why HS2 is hare-brained and should be scrapped.

Something offering much better value for less money is entirely possible, as is explained online at

Alan Robinson, Lindley Street, Holgate, York.