AFTER looking at and discussing with other bus users the new Arriva timetable for the bus service 492/493, I don’t know of one person who will not be affected by the changes.

We all know reductions have to be made, but the new times are not practical, as the times don’t take into account why people use the service, such as people needing to get to appointments, doctors, dentists etc, visiting local shops, markets and amenities, visiting family and friends, shopping in regional cities for example, York or Leeds. There is substantial delay between one bus and the next. It also does not take into account people using the bus to go to and from work.

I myself am a regular user of this service as I have family and friends in Tadcaster. My partner who is disabled needs to regularly attend the doctor’s, also I regularly visit my elderly, widowed mother.

The proposals for the new times do not take into account the practical and emotional needs of the villagers that use these services. People will feel more isolated and will also struggle to get about their day to day lives.

Roslyn Lawley, Main Street, Ulleskelf.