I WOULD like to bring to people’s attention what I consider to be a dangerous practice used by some door staff in York.

My daughter was visiting with a group of friends for a night out back in December. She fell asleep for a short while in a popular venue and was removed by a male member of the door staff.

She was taken on her own and removed through a back door into a back alley near the river. As it happens she was not drunk, just tired. She was alone in a strange city in a dark back alley.

I rang and asked to speak to the manager regarding this and I am still waiting for the promised return call from him. A member of staff did assure me that the door staff they employ have won awards, though did not specify in what capacity.

In light of the tragic recent events in the city concerning missing youngsters I am concerned that if this is normal practice among the door staff then it will only be a matter of time before there is another saddening statistic.

As the manager has never verified whether this is normal practice I remain concerned that other people’s safety is at risk and feel this practice should be addressed.

Name and address supplied.