FURTHER to the letter of March 26 about the increase in the charges for the council’s warden call service, I would like to make customers and their relatives and carers aware of the support available.

We recognise these are difficult financial times, which is why the charges have only increased by 35p in the past seven years. But the service is now costing significantly more than is covered by the charges.

It is a situation that most of our customers recognised as unsustainable when we consulted them on the proposed changes last year.

To help support customers we are offering to carry out a financial assessment for anyone who feels they are unable to continue with the service as a result of the new charges.

The assessment will highlight whether they are eligible for new or additional benefits, which may help ease their financial pressures. We are also working with customers where possible, offering alternative solutions to ensure they retain some level of service rather than have their equipment removed.

If anyone has any concerns about the revised charges I would urge them to phone the warden call team on 01904 645000.

Graham Terry Assistant director, adult commissioning, modernisation and provision, City of York Council, West Offices, York.