THE most remarkable aspect of the limited closure of Lendal Bridge is not the improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists, the creation of a more pleasant environment, or the reduction of air and noise pollution – it is the constant complaints from some, but by no means all, drivers.

How inconvenienced they are, how much longer their journeys take, how their rights should take priority over everyone else’s. And they’re expected to pay fines too – outrageous!

As a city-centre resident and pedestrian, I say that the closure of Lendal Bridge has been a great success. I hope it becomes permanent.

We all have to share the roads and the environment, and nobody has an overriding right to drive and pollute wherever and whenever they wish, particularly not in a city centre like York’s.

Traffic and pollution levels around Gillygate, Bootham, St Leonards, Museum Street and Lendal Bridge itself were at saturation point. I am proud it is a Labour administration that has had the courage and vision to tackle the issue.

The Lendal Bridge initiative is good for the environment, good for residents and visitors, and a greener more attractive York is good for business too.

Colin Hall, Tower Place, York.