THERE are times when you do something knowing deep down you may regret it.

The meal to celebrate my 70th birthday was such an occasion. We decided to heed the advice of Coun Dave Merrett and take the bus into town, rather than using the car.

Going into town was fine, but despite checking the timetable and being at the stop in Ousegate in good time for the return trip, the number 4 to Acomb, which we expected at 22.15pm did not appear. The rain was pouring and our enjoyment of a good night out was severely dampened. A bus finally arrived at 22.53pm and took us home: this was on February 6.

You would think we would have learned our lesson, but on March 20, we tried again using the bus into town. Same restaurant in High Ousegate, a lovely meal, bus timetable at the ready as we came to the end.

We were at the bus stop in Ousegate at 20.30pm: the electronic board told us a bus was due at 20.48pm.

At 20.50, the board changed, telling us No.4 was due at 21.18pm.The first one did not appear at 20.48pm.We finally boarded a No.12 and after a long detour and a walk we arrived home at 21.55pm– almost 90 minutes for a 15-minute journey.

I will not be using the bus on a night out again.

M Pickering, York.